2017 Best E-Commerce Platforms

It’s not the secret for anyone that in electronic-savvy era we can’t imagine our life without e-commerce. For the recent years shopping has been taken to another level. Web developers make everything possible to create extremely easy-to-use platforms as well as shopping carts.

It became easier to promote your products and services all around the globe with the help of ecommerce. You business becomes available for people across the whole world through the use of the Internet.  More and more people turn their business to online shopping. Whether you are a beginner in online business or have a wide experience in e-commerce for a long time, this information will help your business to stand out among the others. To find the best ecommerce solution for your online store we prepared a report of the most popular e-commerce platforms.


Leading e-commerce platforms:

  1. Shopify

It’s a leader and probably one of the most popular and the easiest platforms. During 11 years of its existence their company has grown from 5 to 1500 workers improving services every day. Over 325 thousand stores use this platform and their sales count over 24 billion dollars. Thanks to its handy dashboard area it’s really simple to add new items and customize the look of your website.  It includes functions to import items from your previous store if your work was based on another platform.

  1. Magento

Being one of the most elastic platforms Magento will exceed all of your expectations. It was named the best e-commerce platform in 2015 and nowadays it’s for sure one among the leaders. Magento is the most scalable platform which fits all customer’s needs. Without any efforts you can add all desirable features. It’s the best platform for beginners and small businesses as it’s really easy to integrate it into your workflows. Your sales will boost with Magento. It counts 250 thousand stores all around the world.

  1. WooCommerce

This platform is perfect for ecommerce startups. Probably there is no a person who don’t know what WordPress is, but not all of them know that in 2011 WordPress developed their own e-commerce plugin called WooCommerce. It allows online store owners to modify available templates with new extensions and can offer a wide range of available APIs.

  1. BigCommerce

This platform offers a complete set of necessary ecommerce tools, which you’ll for sure be using. BigCommerce provides integration with auto responders and safety payment gateways. You can have extensive variations of your products and share information in social networks. BigCommerce allows using product wish list as well as reviews. It is really easy to integrate your online store with Facebook, eBay, etc. The company has special unique offers for their users in over 150 countries over the world.

To sum up, it’s quite hard to choose the right platform for your online business. In DarinX we fully understand this and are ready to help you with our extensive knowledge and experience. With our help you’ll get a platform which will match all your requirements and needs. Your online business will 100% grow to the next level gaining new customers.


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