Top iOS Development Trends

With a tremendous growth of App Store for the recent past it’s impossible not to talk about iOS app development trends. Newer devices continuously arrive on the market and it’s worth to be well informed on current trends concerning mobile app development especially for app developers.


It’s a new language which is winning popularity in many developers. This supreme programming language increases its recognition among a large number of developers with each day. They use Swift 3.0 instead of Objective-C more and more often. This open-source language became known in the end of 2015 and since then many iOS app developers began to adopt it. Swift proprietary programming language is widely used because of its simplicity and comfortable navigation. Swift is just what you need when it comes to creation of advanced iOS apps.

Nowadays Swift is considered the best set of various coding methodologies and frameworks. Whoever wants to develop applications on iOS, tvOS and WatchOS choose Swift and one of the main reasons for this is availability of developer-friendly features.

IoT Technologies

To create market disruption web developers prefer IoT which became a great trend these days. The interest to IoT is rapidly growing. iOS app developers can implement this mega trend in their work thanks to iBeacon and HomeKit technologies. iBeacon technology became more reliable and Apple launched a number of apps based on Beacon which are used for commercial purposes in retail sphere as well as events.

AR and GPS

Applications driven by AR and GPS are extremely popular especially among small and medium businesses. It’s possible to track a widespread creation of location-based iOS apps. It helps for consumers to be acknowledged with useful information about products and services which is incredibly beneficial for ecommerce.

In 2017 iOS web developers combine GPS and Augmented Reality for receiving more successful products.


No one is focused on security and safety better than Apple. They took a step forward and App Transport Security is obligatory for all iOS applications. Mobile commerce makes the question of security even more urgent as there are millions of users who make their purchases through mobile apps. DarinX specialists use high-end security features when developing iOS apps which guarantees the highest level of safety.

Enterprise mobile app development

iOS app developers have lots of opportunities for creating brand-new enterprise mobile apps. They will be developed with agile methodologies. DarinX works with cutting-edge techmologies for developing the best projects on various platforms including smartphones, wearables and lots more.

Being one of the leading iOS app developers DarinX specialists always keep tracking the future of iOS. We know everything about iOS development trends and are ready to implement them in future projects. With lots of technological advancements purposed to empower your mobile applications new works will look even more stylish and be more functional.


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