Benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence

Mobile BI represents a system which comprises both technical and organizational tools in order to present data to users, so that it could be analyzed on mobile devices. Mobile Intelligence allows making effective decisions and guarantees management support. All this is done for the purpose to increase business performance. Such software as Mobile BI provides an opportunity to use desktop BI apps on mobile devices.

Business Intelligence became demanded in recent past which was caused by a streaming growth of smartphones usage. That is why many businesses are trying to undertake BI as they want to improve the efficiency of business processes and increase the productivity of work. Mobile BI guarantees better customer service and ability to make decisions wherever and whenever you want. Many companies have an intention to increase the number of employees who’ll have an access to Mobile BI.

Benefits from having Mobile BI Apps

Business Intelligence is extremely important and has the following benefits:

Possibility of decision-making wherever and whenever you are;

  • Productivity of the whole workflow is increasing;
  • Easier cooperation thanks to improvements in sharing knowledge;
  • The increase of flexibility;
  • Possibility for swift actions in order to reduce risks;
  • Decisions are made more accurate and the time of such processes is shorter;
  • Customers have more satisfied clients.

Advantages of Mobile BI Solutions

  • Mobile BI allows companies to stand out among their competitors thanks to more responsive and flexible work.
  • With the access to information in a real time you’ve got a chance to respond actively to various conditions on the market which have a tendency to change quickly.
  • You receive necessary information at the right time which reduces your time for information search. Therefore the productivity of work is notably improved.
  • Employees can do their work more accurately and present quicker results for clients. Company’s profit increases as a result of client’s satisfaction.

In DarinX we know how important to have a fast access to business reports and other important content using your smartphone, a tablet or any other portable device. Therefore our company is ready to provide mobile BI solutions for iPhone, Android, iPad.




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