How To Build a Mobile Travel App


In the past it was so challenging to arrange your own trip. It required lots of efforts and proper knowledge. People cooperated with travel agencies or organize everything by their own. With the escalation of technology nowadays we have already forgotten about those times. Even the most faraway countries became more reachable. The trip is no longer such a big deal like it was in the past. It takes only few taps on any smartphone to find the best places and sightseeing to visit, to book a hotel and to find out which café or restaurant is the best one in that area and which local food is worth trying. App marketplaces are full of apps useful for various trips.

Why it is necessary to build a great travel application:

  • 85% of people find their smartphones the most useful when they are staying abroad.
  • 30% of people book hotels with the help of travel mobile apps;
  • 72% of people share their photos from vacations in various social networks;
  • 46% of travelers prefer to check in to a specific location when they are on holidays;
  • 70% of Facebook users always update their status during their vacation.

To build a mobile travel app of a high level and great quality travel app developers should follow some principles. And the main one is taking into account important travel app features.

Travel apps allow making travelling easier and they can be a special guide when you want to discover a new place. When it comes to mobile travel app development only experienced developers are able to choose the best business strategy in order to achieve desirable goals.

The most important travel app features

Travel planning

Travel organizer apps are extremely convenient and save your time and many while organizing a trip. Users can look for various destinations and set up schedules as well as store e-tickets.

Travel journal

This feature helps travelers to capture all their thoughts about astonishing moments and adventures with the help of notes, photos and videos. It is some kind of a diary which can become a prosperous travel blog.


Having such feature as geolocation allows users to know exactly where they are, which is very useful, especially when they visit the place for the first time. Navigation is your best help when you want to know how to get to the specific destination. And what every user appreciates is the ability of such app to work offline.

Booking services

Creating a top-rated travel app requires to include booking services feature. It is often used when tourists are looking for accommodation or they need to buy tickets. Additional benefit will be if you app will include a loyalty program.

Travel weather app

It is desirable to integrate such feature into a travel mobile app as we all know how important weather is while we traveling.


This feature will help to make the user forget about the language barrier. Also it’s great to add AR feature so that travelers will be able to see road and street signs in a familiar language.

Taxi & City Transport services

Such feature will make getting around any city pleasant and relaxing.

Trip reports & Useful Recommendations

Travelers always want to see special spots in the city which only locals know or to know more about the experience of other travelers, so such part is a must-have of any travel app.

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