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In the era when almost every user has Full HD screen in his pocket, it’s impossible underestimate the importance of video marketing in the whole and video platform companies work in the direction to improve their services each day. When you have already finished work with your video content and it’s ready-to-go, it’s time to think about a video platform through which you upload it so that your audience could watch it.

Video platform for business

If your business is connected with advertising, marketing, entertainment , publishing or other consumer-facing sphere, it’s crucial to know  best video platforms and have proper skills in video content management system to find the best video hosting solutions.It will lead you to increase of the number of customers and you’ll build a lifelong image of the product you offer. The main purpose of all of this is achieving bigger revenues, of course.

Choose your video streaming platform

Firstly, it’s necessary to choose the best ways in creating and delivering video content. The most popular OVPs probably everyone knows are YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. But sometimes they are not suitable for hosting your video content. Many customers use OVPs in order to generate leads and retain customers as well as train and educate them. One more reason is to increase awareness. In most cases people consider using an OVP because they want to provide video content only to specific clients or provide it internally.

Video hosting platforms that work perfectly for you

To pick the right OVP (online video platform) could be challenging and it’s necessary to take into account many factors. Choosing one from numerous OVPs it’s important to take into account the following aspects:

  • Ingestion;
  • Transcoding&encoding;
  • DRM;
  • Which video monetization platform is the best one for your business strategies;
  • Distribution channels and delivery across numerous combinations of devices;
  • Analytics, etc.

What are benefits of using an OVP:

  • Total control of what your customers see. You can send only your messages to the audience.
  • OVP helps to create more professional and sophisticated perception.
  • Using an OVP guarantees the safety and security of your video content.
  • It’s customizable and it’s possible to edit the design according to your requirements and wishes.
  • A wide range of OVPs represent not only video hosting, but also have brand-new innovative features like customer integration and lots more.

Video streaming services

DarinX has dozens of profitable video-related projects. We have already surveyed all advantages and disadvantages of various OVPs. And we are ready to help you providing additional services in video content management.


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