Right Time for Starting Google AdWords Campaign

When your business begins to grow and your product or services attract lots of consumers you start thinking about additional advertising. You have heard successful stories when Google Adwords was implemented in marketing campaign and consider it could be a fantastic opportunity for your business too. But it is important to choose perfect time for this. DarinX specialists have profound experience in this field and can give you some useful advices concerning elements your business should have in order to start Google Adwords campaign:

  1. Your business must be on a great demand among clients

Start with the research. The key of all of this is that your clients should look for your products or services with the help of Google. Make sure you know exactly what currently the search volume is. Keyword Suggestion Tool from Google Adwords will be a helping hand to be sure whether you are able to afford the cost per click of necessary keywords.

  1. Define your budget

Finding out which target keywords are you have to calculate all CPC expenses. To do this it’s possible to use Kissmetrics formula:

Maximum CPC = profit (per one client)x(1-profit margin)x(conversion rate of your site).

  1. Don’t forget about your competitors

Find out what your competitors are. And it is recommended to be acquainted with keywords they use. For this purpose you can use KeywordSpy. It can help you to define a set of specific keywords that really work.

  1. Offer unique products and services for your consumers

The Internet is full of numerous websites offering similar services and products. With each day it becomes harder to stand out among all these businesses. So, you have to offer your clients something special, so that you’ll be able to build a strong company. Catching customer’s attention is always a first step to success. Your advert of  product or service should show some value for a consumer and must be trustworthy.

  1. Eye-catching adverts and the opportunity to create them on regular basis.

Your main purpose is to increase your sales. To achieve this goal it is necessary to make your website more visible and increase the number of clicks. That’s why people use Google Adwords. And for this reason you should think about stunning ad which will attract people’s attention. Present your information clearly and make your ad exceptional. AdWords contains a headline, which includes 25 characters, and a description with 35 characters.

  1. Landing Page

People, who have no experience with Google Adwords, often mistakenly think that their ad must lead customers to the homepage of their website. But the truth is that it is necessary to create additional page, which will lead consumers exactly to the advertised service or product. Leaving your potential client on a homepage you risk losing them as not all of consumers are intended to spend time navigating your website.

  1. Track the results

It will help to find out weaknesses of your campaign and to make necessary changes with the purpose to improve the results. So make sure you know how to do all of this before starting Adwords campaign.


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