Reasons Why You Should Use Laravel

Laravel is considered by many to be the best-used PHP framework, making it possible to create applications that are large and complex. It makes the development process faster and enables use of extremely secure authentication tools. Laravel is the complete all-rounder that brings with it a wide range of advantages, so why should you use it?

It is simple to start using

The basics of it are rather simple which make starting a project really simple and efficient. It makes it possible to develop a site in just a few hours but it’s versatility certainly shines through in a number of ways.

It is secure

Laravel comes with a few but essential additions that makes your application even more secure. An example of this is that ORM uses PDO, which prevents SQL injections. It also uses the salted hashed passwords which means that passwords are never saved in plain text within the database and so, when it comes to creating an encrypted password, it uses the script hasing algorithm.

It is open source

This means that the open source framework can enable the creation of large web applications that are complex.

It is modular

As the framework of Laravel is designed around more than 20 distinctive Object Oriented Libraries that are not present in any other PHP framework such as CakePHP, Symfony and Zend Framework 2. All this makes it possuible to design and develop mondular web apps that are useful and responsive.

Improves testing

Laravel is popular amongst designers and programmers because of the way it makes testing so much easier. Testing is important for any application before it is made available to end users, which is why it offers the facilities to carry out unit testing. This means that all updates that are carried out by designers do not cause problems for anything else within the application during different tests.

A number of tools built in

There are many built-in resources with this framework that cannot be found on many of the other PHP frameworks. This includes routing, verification, caching and many other things.

It supports MVC architecture

During development, it is important that transparency remains between business logic and presentation. AS Laravel is based on MVC (model-view-controller) architecture and has many functions built – in, MVC helps to improve performance and documentation.

Cron entry

In previous years, developers have created a cron entry for every task that they need to schedule but this can be a troublesome task. This kind of task schedule is no longer in source control and so, developers need to SSH into the server to add the Cron entries. The command scheduler in Laravel makes it possible to define command schedule fluently and expressively which means only one Cron entry is required on the server.

A lot of support

Developing comes with its problems and that is all part and parcel of development. However, there is a lot of support available should any problems arise there is likely to be someone who has experienced the same problem and found a solution. This wide community makes Laravel a big player when it comes to development.


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