Fitness Mobile App Development

Fitness Mobile Application Development

Nowadays people think about their health more. Keeping yourself fit has become a way of life. And it can’t be imagined without using various fitness apps which are winning popularity in many users. With the development of modern smart gym technologies workout fitness apps look and work in a brand new way. It became possible to track user’s activities thanks to a network of sensors and effective NFC tags which process information and highlight it on your device.

Fitness App Development Company

DarinX is a leading fitness mobile app development company. Our activities in this sphere could be divided into development of workout applications, creating nutrition and diet applications and building fitness activity tracking applications. All fitness mobile apps we create have stunning interactive design. We can create fitness mobile apps for gyms, trainers and athletes. In the end you’ll get a product which helps to create a perfect user experience.
Fitness App Development Services
DarinX is ready to offer the following Fitness Application Development Services:
1-s1f35sd31f3sWorkout Apps Development Services;
6-56asd465sda4f6s54sdf654Fitness Activity Tracking App Development;
2-34r354seExercise Apps Development Services;
7-das565d46a54ad5s4iPhone App Development for Fitness;
3-sdf351sdf311sdf351sdf2Nutrition Apps Development Services;
8-s564f654fsd564fsd654Fitness Video-Based Apps;
4-a645d6a54d654asd654asdPersonal Trainer App Development Services;
9-56das4a65s465d4a56s4Crossfit Apps;
5-a56sdd465as46d5as4Diet Apps Development Services;
10-56as4d654asd654asdFitness App Development for Android.

Workout Apps Development Services

Dedicated developers from DarinX are working on building apps which are focused on workouts. You can order personal trainer applications as well as we are ready to provide logbook apps. Our specialists develop fitness tracking apps which could be paired with other devices like wearables. Our fitness applications include various features and can contain videos, 3D models and pictures. You don’t need to visit gym as it became much easier to train at home. Just what you need is to choose the right level of difficulty.


Also our company develops highly demanded crossfit applications. They make the process of workout organization easier and faster. And with the help of logbook apps it became easier to record your fitness achievements and workout routine. It’s a perfect solution if you prefer training in the gym.

Nutrition and Diet App Development Services
DarinX is engaged in nutrition apps development. Such applications allow users to track their nutrition habits, keep to their diet, count calories and even control the level of water and coffee intake.


Our company has developed a concept for such kind of apps in order to achieve successful results of each project. We understand that fitness app must provide calls for action which will encourage users to achieve their goals.